Setting up Pretty URL in CMS Made Simple

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By default CMS Made Simple™ creates a "technical" URL like
It is functional, but it lacks aesthetic value. Pretty, or Search Engine Friendly URL is a feature for improving the appearance of the URL and it also improves search engine indexing!

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1. Copy the "htaccess.txt" file from the CMSMS™ /doc directory to the root of your website.

2. Rename the copied file to .htaccess including the dot!

3. Add to the bottom of your config.php the line:


$config['url_rewriting'] = 'mod_rewrite';

4. Check if the head section of your Core::Page template contains the metadata tag:


More extended documentation on settings and known issues on the official CMS Made Simple documentation website.

Tip: How to show hidden dotfiles, like .htaccess in cPanel.

This article is written for Apache web servers. More information on other servers at the CMSMS Documentation website.

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Setting up Pretty URL in CMS Made Simple

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