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Tips, tricks and tutorials for the CMS Made Simple 2.x series

The website CMS Can Be provides tips, tricks and tutorials to make it even easier to work with CMS Made Simple™. CMS Made Simple is an open source Content Management System. It provides website developers with a simple, easy to use utility to allow building websites. CMS Can Be is a personal initiative and is not a part the CMSMS™ Project!

Next-page button for the Gbook moduleNext-page button for the Gbook module
Show guestbook replies from the Gbook module for CMSMS with "endless scrolling" instead of a paginated view.
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How to use SitemapMgrHow to use SitemapMgr
SitemapMgr creates page and module sitemap, robots.txt and humans.txt files.
Ready to use sitemaps for several modules like News, CGBlog and Products are included!
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Redirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made SimpleRedirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made Simple
Moved pages, news or blog articles at your site, but don't want visitors to get an error 404 page. Redirect them to the current spot at your site.
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Share data between websites: the cache_remote_file tagShare data between websites: the cache_remote_file tag
This plugin tag reads content from the source website and caches it for a adjustable time. When that time has elapsed, it checks if the source content is available. If so...
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