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How to use SitemapMgrHow to use SitemapMgr
SitemapMgr creates page and module sitemap, robots.txt and humans.txt files.
Ready to use sitemaps for several modules like News, CGBlog and Products are included!
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Redirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made SimpleRedirect (re)moved pages in CMS Made Simple
Moved pages, news or blog articles at your site, but don't want visitors to get an error 404 page. Redirect them to the current spot at your site.
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Use module template output in multiple content blocksUse module template output in multiple content blocks
How to use generated module content at different spots in your page lay-out. Gotta love Smarty.
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Base CMS Made Simple page template with automated metatagsBase CMS Made Simple page template with automated metatags
How to build a CMSMS page template and show the news/blog title as the page title, get the correct canonical value for module detail pages, pass a correct image to social media websites, etc...
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CMSMS modules and 'endless scrolling'CMSMS modules and 'endless scrolling'
'Endless scrolling', 'lazy loading', 'endless pages', 'infinite scrolling', is a feature that only downloads extra content when you reach the end of the current content. Perhaps the most famous example is Facebook. You can scroll down your 'wall' and it will (probably) never end.
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Breadcrumbs for the Products moduleBreadcrumbs for the Products module
There isn't one method for adding a breadcrumb trail to the Products module for CMS Made Simple™.
Climbing down the 'hierarchy ladder' to the product, you pass three templates and each template has its own method.
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Direct link to searchresults Products moduleDirect link to searchresults Products module
At my no salt diet website I use the Products module for a Nutrient Database. When you want to know the nutritional values of in example an apple, you type "apple" in the searchbox, hit the submit button and you will get a list of all items containing the word "apple". So far, so good. But what I missed is a direct link to the search resultspage in case people ask me questions about some product. I created a work around to achieve this.
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Building an image library in CMS Made SimpleBuilding an image library in CMS Made Simple
At my Pneumatic Tube website I show lots of photos. In order to meet all ownership laws (at least try to) I must find a way to document the source information of the photos at my website. Just a photo album module isn't enough... I needed an Image Library at my website! But there isn't an out-of-the-box CMSMS module for that... I had to think something out myself! And if I say so myself, I have succeeded! :o) I will briefly describe what I used and did.
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Call a Smarty tag from a UDTCall a Smarty tag from a UDT
For my pneumatic tube website I am using the Products module for CMS Made Simple as an image library. The module is great for this purpose, I can add images and can store additional information in custom fields. But for adding a single image to a page I needed a large moduletag with parameters. If at some point I want to change something here I need to change all tags in the pages...
I searched and found a methode to make this easier for me...
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Create a RSS feed without a moduleCreate a RSS feed without a module
I will show you an example RSS feed in combination with the CGBlog module for CMS Made Simple. You can also use it for several other modules, like News, CGCalendar, etc. You need to change the Smarty tags in the feed template matching with the module used.
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Create dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt filesCreate dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt files
To help search engines like Bing and Google index your website you can use sitemaps and a robots.txt file. A module like SiteMapMadeSimple is a great solution to create your static sitemap. A disadvantage of the module is that after each content change the sitemap file is recreated. For very large websites it can take a while... I had that problem at one of my own websites. A few hunderd pages, a few thousand...
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Add tags to the CGBlog or News moduleAdd tags to the CGBlog or News module
In this tutorial I will show you a simple methode (using Smarty) to add a tagging feature to the CGBlog, News and other modules in CMS Made Simple.
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