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Using non-jQuery AJAX form submission in CMSMSUsing non-jQuery AJAX form submission in CMSMS
A way to submit a form AJAX-style in CMS Made Simple™. A guestblog from the Dutch forum member Guido.
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Honeypot anti-spam feature for formbuilderHoneypot anti-spam feature for formbuilder
In this tutorial I will show you how Velden a honeypot anti-spam feature added to a Form Builder form in CMS Made Simple.
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FormBuilder template and stylesheetFormBuilder template and stylesheet
The default form template and stylesheet provided by the excellent FormBuilder module for CMS Made Simple™ is straightforward. Just the very basics are there. In this post I try to give a more extended styled form template.
I hope it will give you a headstart styling the forms at your CMSMS website.
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Formbuilder form in a FancyBox modal viewFormbuilder form in a FancyBox modal view
In this guestblog CMSMS forummember Velden will show you how he implemented an Ajax based 'call-me-back' Form Builder form, that pops up in a FancyBox modal view.
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Styling formsStyling forms
Styling a website form isn't that hard. A stylesheet example making your life much easier.
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