Articles with more help about "CGCALENDAR"

How to use SitemapMgrHow to use SitemapMgr
SitemapMgr creates page and module sitemap, robots.txt and humans.txt files.
Ready to use sitemaps for several modules like News, CGBlog and Products are included!
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How to use CGCalendarHow to use CGCalendar
The CGCalendar module handles (recurring) events. The module has an extended template control and is easy to work with.
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Server Time DifferenceServer Time Difference
Having problems with start and end time settings in a module? A news article is published, but isn't visible at the frontend of the website... You could have problems with the time settings at your website and/or server.
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Create a RSS feed without a moduleCreate a RSS feed without a module
I will show you an example RSS feed in combination with the CGBlog module for CMS Made Simple. You can also use it for several other modules, like News, CGCalendar, etc. You need to change the Smarty tags in the feed template matching with the module used.
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Create dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt filesCreate dynamic sitemap, humans.txt and robots.txt files
To help search engines like Bing and Google index your website you can use sitemaps and a robots.txt file. A module like SiteMapMadeSimple is a great solution to create your static sitemap. A disadvantage of the module is that after each content change the sitemap file is recreated. For very large websites it can take a while... I had that problem at one of my own websites. A few hunderd pages, a few thousand...
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