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Additional anti-spam feature in Gbook moduleAdditional anti-spam feature in Gbook module
The Gbook guestbook module for CMS Made Simple™ has a built-in anti-spam feature. It uses the b8 statistical (Bayesian) spam filter. At one of my websites where I use the GBook module I noticed spammers are getting more clever trying to by-pass the filter and it leaves me more work checking ham or spam...
I found a really simple method to hide and show the form. When there is no form, a bot can't fill it in...
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Honeypot anti-spam feature for formbuilderHoneypot anti-spam feature for formbuilder
In this tutorial I will show you how Velden a honeypot anti-spam feature added to a Form Builder form in CMS Made Simple.
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Formbuilder form in a FancyBox modal viewFormbuilder form in a FancyBox modal view
In this guestblog CMSMS forummember Velden will show you how he implemented an Ajax based 'call-me-back' Form Builder form, that pops up in a FancyBox modal view.
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